Elementary Music Education Resources and Strategies With
Donna Rhodenizer ​

 My name is Donna Rhodenizer

and I am an Elementary Music Education Specialist

Thank you for joining me at my new website. It may take a little time before this site is filled with great actionable information. Please sign-up for the newsletter to learn about updates to this site.

I have spent 34 years in Elementary Music ​Education. On this website, I hope to provide you with some insights into the awesome career of teaching Elementary School Music.

I am a composer as well a​s an educator. Over a 35 year period, I have composed and published over 300 selections for elementary classroom music programs, choirs, recorders and handbells.

Many of my compositions and resources are available from my publishing website Red Castle Publishing (It's going for a major website transformation as well)

Donna, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done to bring these wonderful lessons/songs/ideas to us on this platform (FaceBook). This has brought renewed enthusiasm, confidence, and energy back into my teaching and I am so excited to revamp and add many of these songs to my curriculum for next year. I have tried out many of them this year and they are a big hit! You really have come into my world at the perfect time, just as I was beginning to feel a little burnt out. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Joe Viserta teacher

Donna is an exceptional teacher of music. She has written music for children. She understands them and provides a learning environment that is rich in experiences and activities. Donna is very creative when it comes to keeping their attention, by providing them with lots of fun things to do within the classroom. When it is time to go to music, they can’t get out of their home classroom fast enough. It is like a stampede! I am retired now, but taught with Donna for a number of years. She is an amazing person and has accomplished so much in the world of music.

Elizabeth MacDonald Fitzgerald retired teaching colleague